Need For Counselling

The rapidly changing environment and technology are making it difficult to predict future career opportunities. Today, we cannot navigate this complex future by looking at the rear-view mirror. Furthermore, traditional linear career choices do not necessarily guarantee “success” so a holistic career guidance program is required by all students.

Career Counselling helps us in giving students the agency to explore career possibilities and be able to support students differentiate between a Career, Hobby, Job and Dream and make rational choices throughout their careers.

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About First Sutra LLP

We are a research-based, technology-driven organization that enables school and college students in India to make informed educational choices that lead to a meaningful career. We have adopted a collaborative approach with the government, teachers, and parents to create a sustainable and scalable ecosystem around secondary school and college students to facilitate their career choice and decision making. We provide students with an option of counselling designs depending upon exactly what they desire - online career guidance or one on one guidance. We have developed a simple career framework where the intersection of the student's interest, aptitude and opportunity available will lead them to a meaningful career.

Our Services

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Career Sathi

A mentoring project that supports higher secondary schools with 100 % of students receiving career awareness with learn more about their interest fields, hear from experts and search for institutes and courses in their district, as per their interest field. This project of ours enables students to make informed education and future career choices.

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Class 8-9 Stream & Subject Selection

Advanced assessment & personalised guidance to help you select the perfect stream and subjects that align you to the right careers.

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Class 10-12 Career Selection & Planning

Expert guidance & 5-dimensional assessment to help them discover a perfect career and choose the right course and college.

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Overseas Application

End-to-end overseas admissions guidance to help students build the perfect applications for their target universities.

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Career Counselling Workshops in schools and colleges

Guidance, coaching and help in registering for various standardized tests(SAT, ACT, BMAT, UKCAT TOEFL & IELTS) and other entrance exams for both Indian & International Universities/Colleges

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Psychometric tests

to identify the unique qualities of each child and plan a career path accordingly.

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